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Premium Customer Service 24 x 7 Available here

Circle Pay:

+1888-254-9731 In this world where trade and transactions of currency are constantly happening an efficient customer support team is essential for any company. Circle pay has one of the most systematic customer support teams in the business. It has adopted a comfortable and easy way to address the issues the users face during their transactions. Since the world is rapidly moving towards digital payments, there is huge scope for digital payment platforms. Hence a super efficient customer service team is necessary for a company to prosper in this field. Hence the support team of Circle Pay continues to work tirelessly to satisfy the customers.

Advantages of using Circle Pay: –

1. It is present in 29 countries.
2. Transactions can take place in euros, pounds and US dollars.
3. No transaction fee or exchange rates for transactions.
4. Two-step encryption for the account details of the users.

Circle Pay Customer Service

The customer support service of Circle Pay is inclined towards easy and fuss-free customer support techniques. It follows a scientific method to problems solving where the users get their issues resolved in a convenient and appropriate manner. It has rolled out a two-step procedure of customer support.

1. In the first step, the users are advised to go through the Frequently Asked Questions section on their website. All questions have been elaborately answered. This section mostly refers to basic and general issues for which the users seek clarifications. Most of the problems if not all can get resolved here itself.

2. The users are expected to reach out to the second step only if the issue does not get resolved in the first. Here the users can submit a support request from their account to the customer support team of Circle pay and get the solution at the earliest. The support team generally takes time in this method as it conducts proper research before it comes up with a solution. Thus this method of problem resolution takes a tad bit more time than the usual method.

Some of the Frequently Asked Questions by the users:

1. Issues while creating an account.
2. Trouble during transactions.
3. Linked the account with wrong e-mail.
4. Cancellation of a transaction.
5. Password issues.
6. Deletion of the account.
7. Unable to add a bank account to the application.
8. Software updates issues.
9. Problems using verification code.
10. Extra deduction of amount from the account.

All these and many more questions have been addressed on the website clearly. Instead of surfing the internet for fixing these issues which is quite a time-consuming process, the users can browse through this section for easy and timely support. However, if this section doesn’t help the users can any day request for support from our technical customer support team.